How to Hide Admin Host in TM1Web

Hide Admin Host in TM1Web

Steps to Configure PA Spreadsheet Services/ TM1 Web to hide Admin Host

  • Open tm1web_config.xml. This is usually located at C:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\tm1web\webapps\tm1web\WEB-INF\configuration.
  • Next, update the value for AdminHostName so the value is set to the name of your physical TM1 server. In our illustration below the physical TM1 server is called “testpa01”. 
Set Admin Host in TM1Web to the value of the physical server.
  • Save and close the file and refresh PA Spreadsheet Service/ TM1 Web URL. You will now see that the Admin Host box has been removed as we have defaulted it to the name of the host server.

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