How to Rename a TM1 Model

Renaming a TM1 model is relatively easy. To change the name of a TM1 model (or instance or server name) do the following:

  1. Open tm1s.cfg for the model concerned.
  2. Find “ServerName”
  3. Edit the value after the equals sign to reflect the new model name
  4. Save tm1s.cfg
  5. Open Cognos Configuration for TM1
  6. Change the name of the TM1 Server
  7. Save Cognos Configuration
  8. Start the TM1 Server (right click, start) in Cognos Configuration
  9. Open Services and if you need to delete a now redundant TM1 service, see these instructions.

Just be very careful if you rename a TM1 model that is used as a source for BI. It will potentially break everything!