How to Reset TM1 Admin Password

TM1 Administrator Password Reset

Do you need to reset your TM1 Admin password? Have you lost your TM1 Administrator password? Well if you can’t remember your administrator password for TM1 and you use Security Mode 1, then there is a really simple solution.

Time needed: 2 minutes

Here is how to reset the admin password for your model:

  1. Save Data for the model

    Right click on the model in Architect and Save Data

  2. Stop the service for your model

    Go to Windows Services, find the service for your model and click Stop.

  3. Delete }ClientProperties.cub

    Go to your model’s data folder and find the }ClientProperties.cub file and move it out of the data folder.

  4. Restart the service for the model

    Go back to Windows Services and restart the service

Note that the steps above might take more than 2 minutes, depending on how complex your model is and how long it takes to restart!

This process will zap ALL passwords in the model.

If you are not using Security Mode 1, then you need to go to your directory administrator (say Active Directory) and have your password reset there. TM1 has nothing to do with it.

TM1 User Password Reset

If you have your Admin password and are using Security Mode 1, but need to reset your Admin or a user’s password, then simply do the following:

  1. Right click on the model in Architect
  2. Select Security, Clients/Groups
  3. Select the User
  4. Then Clients, Set Password…
  5. In the little blue box the appears, enter the new password.
  6. Retype the password as instructed.

Obviously if you need to reset the TM1 Admin password and you have already logged in, then you can use this method as well!

Maximum Retries Reached for TM1 Login

If you have reached the maximum number of retries and need to change the settings for the model, please see this post for a full explanation of what you need to do.

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