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How to Save Data in TM1 – Manually and Automatically

TM1 101 is how to Save Data. As you would probably know by now, TM1 uses an in memory database. In other words, everything that is in the model is loaded into memory on the TM1 server and then the magic happens there. Super fast. Think of it like an Excel spreadsheet. You open the spreadsheet up from disk. It is then in memory and all changes happen there. When you have finished with the spreadsheet, you need to save it back to disk, or all your changes will be lost.

Save Data via TI Processes

Well, TM1 works exactly the same way. We need to have someone sitting in the corner pressing save every five minutes. Just kidding. We can automate it and these two posts explain the different ways we can use SaveDataAll and SaveCubeData in Turbo Integrator processes to do this and then how we can schedule those saves via Chores.

To Save in Architect

Sometimes though, we just need to save directly from Architect. Maybe we are about to shut the server down and we want to get the very latest changes.

If you are working in Architect and you just need to save, you can do this just by right clicking on the model name and selecting Save Data.


If you Didn’t Save!

If you accidentally restart your TM1 server and forgot to save before restart, all is not lost. TM1 automatically writes a log of all changes and should reload that data upon restart. It might take a bit longer, but the data should be there. But whatever you do, don’t relay on this! Do the save!

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