How to Upgrade from Perspectives to Planning Analytics for Excel (PAX/PAfE)

We are about to upgrade one of the largest TM1 sites in the world from using Perspectives to Planning Analysis for Excel (PAX/PAfE). As we go through the process I will update this blog with all the learnings we have along the way.

Perspectives to Planning Analytics for Excel Upgrade Process

Generally speaking, the upgrade from TM1 Perspectives to Planning Analytics for Excel is very easy. Reports are opened, any Action Buttons are upgraded and then the report is saved. Done.

But for a very large site, there is a whole lot more to consider. Here is a list of what we have thought of.

What to Consider when Upgrading from TM1 Perspectives to Planning Analytics for Excel

To start with, here is a list of all the things we have thought of prior to starting the project:

  1. Training
    1. Super users
    2. Regular users
    3. Classroom training
    4. Recorded training
    5. Using TM1 Explorers
  2. The rollout of Planning Analytics for Excel
    1. When will it be done
    2. How will it be distributed
    3. Groups of users
    4. How to get PAW URLs embedded inside PAfE
  3. PAW Servers
    1. What are the PAW servers
    2. What models do each server support
    3. Version of each PAW server
  4. PA (TM1) Servers
    1. What are the TM1 servers
    2. What models are on each TM1 server
    3. Version of each PA server
  5. PASS (TM1Web) Servers
    1. What are the PASS servers
    2. What models does each PASS server connect to
    3. Version of each PASS server
  6. Big bang?
  7. Full backup of all reports prior to upgrade.
  8. How to gather all reports – especially those that are not uploaded to the TM1 Application folder.
  9. Geographic locations of users
  10. How are updates to PAW, PASS, PA (TM1 server) and PAX going to be managed (at least quarterly)?
  11. How do we manage the Dev/Test/Prod setup?
  12. Are new reports or analyses required?
  13. Does everything need to be migrated?
  14. Can we use PAW/TM1Web for some reports or analyses rather than moving to PAfE?
  15. Timelines for migration?
  16. Upgrade of Action buttons
  17. Upgrade process: Open, Test, Upgrade Action Button, Save to New Folder
  18. Any scripts that use Perspectives reports for mass distribution?
  19. User guides
  20. Admin documentation

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