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How Users Add their IBM IDs for IBM Planning Analytics Cloud

As part of establishing IBM Planning Analytics on Cloud, users need to be invited into Planning Analytics, then accept the invitation and, if they don’t already have an IBM ID, set one up as part of the acceptance process. This post details what users need to do to accept the invitation and setup an IBM ID in response the invitation to Planning Analytics on Cloud.

Steps for Users to Add an IBM ID for Planning Analytics on Cloud

Time needed: 5 minutes

These are the steps required for users to create an IBM ID and then accept they invitation to IBM Planning Analytics on Cloud

  1. Accept Invite

    The very first step is when your TM1 administrator send an invitation to you, granting you access to Planning Analytics. Just hit the blue “Accept invite” button in the email below.

  2. Sign up to IBM ID

    The link you click above will take you to an IBM web page and it should be pre-populated with the email address, first and last name entered by your administrator. You just need to add a password that satisfies the rather long requirements (see the green ticks below).

  3. Get the Code to Activate Your IBM ID

    You will now receive an email that contains a code required to activate the IBM ID. Copy the code from the email, go back to the signup form and paste it. You need to do this promptly as it will expire in 30 minutes.

  4. Activate Your IBM ID

    Go back to the website and paste in the verification code from the step above and hit the blue Create account button.

  5. Proceed after Reviewing the About your IBM ID Account Blurb

    You will then be presented with a longish blurb about your new IBM ID. Please review this and when ready click Proceed.

  6. Additional Verification

    Somewhat laboriously, IBM then requires you to validate again. So go check your email again, grab the code and enter it into this final screen. This then completes setting up your IBM ID for use with Planning Analytics Cloud.

Administrator View of Activated IBM IDs in Planning Analytics

Your administrator will now be able to see who has Activated their IBM ID’s for use with Planning Analytics. From there they can continue with the setup process and assign rights to you to access TM1 models.

Single Signon with Active Directory

Do you use Microsoft’s Active Directory? Do you want to be able to just go to Planning Analytics and automatically login, without having to remember your IBM ID password? Well you can. You need to have your TM1 administrator enable Federated Authentication with IBM, so your AD User ID is passed dynamically to the Planning Analytics server, it hooks up with your IBM ID and Bob’s your uncle! Ping us if you need help!

Need Help?

We have migrated many clients to IBM Planning Analytics Cloud. If you need any help with your migration, or just a tip how to make it work a bit smoother, please get in touch. We’d love to help.

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