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IBM Planning Analytics as a Service (PAaaS)

In May 2022, IBM announced its strategic collaboration agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver IBM Planning Analytics as a Service on AWS. Prior to this, Planning Analytics as-a-Service was offered only on IBM Cloud.  

With IBM’s latest offering, Planning Analytics as a Service on AWS, a significant stride towards empowering organisations of all sizes to harness the power of cloud computing for their planning, budgeting, forecasting, and analytical needs is achieved. This significantly reduces IBM cost to deliver Planning Analytics and thus widens the potential client base. Now more organisations can now use it for budgeting, planning, forecasting and analysis. 

Overview of Planning Analytics on AWS 

This offering presents the option to run Planning Analytics in their cloud platform of choice – IBM Cloud, AWS, or hybrid. At its core, IBM Planning Analytics as a Service on AWS represents the fusion of IBM’s renowned planning, forecasting, and reporting software with the robust infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS). This partnership brings forth a compelling solution tailored to meet the diverse demands of organisations seeking continuous scalability, cost-efficiency, agility, and high-performance planning capabilities. 

Key Features and Benefits 

This strategic collaboration inherits the hallmark features of IBM Planning Analytics on-premise or SaaS, including: 

  1. Interactive Web Experience: Through workspace, users gain access to a customisable web interface, facilitating self-service exploration and analysis. 
  2. Real-time Decision-making: Unrestricted by data volumes or user counts, organisations can make informed decisions with real-time aggregation and calculation.  
  3. Powerful Modelling: AI-powered advanced scenario modelling, including what-if analysis. This empowers organisations to anticipate different outcomes and adapt to changing circumstances swiftly.
  4. Security and Compliance: Critical data remains secure, ensuring peace of mind for organisations operating in regulated environments.  
  5. Excel Integration: Seamless integration with Excel empowers users to leverage existing spreadsheets while exploiting the advanced capabilities of Planning Analytics. 
  6. Data Visualisations: Built-in reporting and analysis capabilities produce comprehensive graphical charts and multi-tab displays all with write back. These enable deep analysis, without the need for external tools. 

Tailored Offerings 

IBM Planning Analytics as a Service on AWS caters to organisations of varying sizes and complexities through three distinct tiers: 

  1. Essentials: With a minimum of 5 users, Essentials is ideal for smaller teams in need of SaaS. Includes faster, more accurate planning and forecasting capabilities, without the need of exporting data to other tools. 
  2. Standard: Because of its AI-driven insights, smarter planning, and quicker adaptation to changing demands, most organisations would opt for the Standard package. It has a minimum number of 10 users and includes both Excel and web interfaces. 
  3. Premium: Designed for large organisations, Premium delivers a comprehensive integrated business planning capabilities across the organisation. 

Regardless of organisations starting with Essentials or Standard offers, there is easy scalability to larger offerings. 

Ideal Use CaseTeam-Based Connected PlanningAI Based Department PlanningLarge Scale AI Based Corporate Planning
EnvironmentsProductionDevelopment and ProductionDevelopment and Production
Users5, max 1010+20+
Planning Analytics WorkspacePAW or PAXIncludedIncluded
Planning Analytics for ExcelPAW or PAXIncludedIncluded
Planning Analytics on AWS. These offerings are subject to change without notice.

Is Planning Analytics as a Service Right for You?

IBM Planning Analytics as a Service on AWS represents a paradigm shift in how organisations approach planning, forecasting, and decision-making. By leveraging the combined strengths of IBM’s expertise and AWS’s infrastructure, businesses can unlock new levels of agility, efficiency, and foresight. They can position themselves for sustained growth and success in an ever-evolving marketplace. Add on Chartertech’s financial management expertise , you can embark on the seamless journey with IBM Planning Analytics on AWS.

For more information, please hit us up and we’d be delighted to help you decide if Planning Analytics is right for you. 

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