URL to Log an IBM Cognos or IBM TM1 Support Call

I really don’t like the IBM website. Whenever I go to log a new support call with IBM for either Cognos Analytics or TM1/Planning Analytics, I end up going through a series of links on ibm.com to get to the page I need to log the call. I can search google for Log TM1 Support Call, Create Cognos Support Case, TM1 Support URL, Create New Planning Analytics PMR, or even New Cognos TM1 SR and still end up going through a myriad of pages on the IBM website.

No more I say!

The IBM Support Website URL

The URL to log a support ticket for TM1 or Cognos is https://www.ibm.com/mysupport/s/. That will take you to a page that looks like this:

TM1 Support Case

TM1 Support and Cognos Support Cases

Once on the IBM support portal, just click on “Open a case”. That will take you through a series of redirects at ibm.com and hopefully drop you at this page:

Cognos Support Ticket

From here you can fill in your details and away you go an log your TM1 Support case.

What to Attach to the Support Case?

Once there and logging. your TM1 support case, be sure to remember to attach the cmplst file for all servers and any users involved in your ticket. Also try and attach screenshots of the problems that explains clearly what is happening. This will make it much easier for the IBM support analyst to help you resolve your problem.

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