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Import a PAW Migration Package with Lifecycle Manager

Migrating Planning Analytics Workspace assets between PAW systems is very easy. In part 2 of explaining how this works, we will detail how to import a PAW migration package build with Lifecycle Manager in Planning Analytics Workspace.

This post assumes that you have already exported a migration package from PAW using Lifecycle Manager. If you still need to do that, please see this post.

After you have imported the migration package, you will need to deploy it over a Planning Analytics database.

How to Import a Planning Analytics Workspace Migration Package with Lifecycle Manager

Time needed: 10 minutes

Here are the detailed instructions for importing a Planning Analytics Workspace Migration Package using Lifecycle Manager.

  1. Click on the Administration tile in Planning Analytics Workspace

    Click on the Administration tile on the PAW home page. PAaaS Administration Tile

  2. Click on Lifecycle Managment in the Administration section of PAW

  3. Click the little Up Arrow

    Beside the bin and Create buttons is a small Up Arrow to upload a previously created Snapshot zip file.

  4. Drop the Zip File on the Import Snapshot dialog box

    Navigate to the local location where the zip file and drag it to the dialog

  5. Click Import

    Once the snapshot is uploaded, click the big blue Import button. That imports the snapshot into PAW, but does NOT deploy it. Please see the How to Deploy post for instructions on how to do that step.

Now You Need to Deploy a Package in Lifecycle Manager

Now that you have completed the import of the PAW migration package, please see this post for instructions on how to deploy your snapshot to a database and move the assets into their correct location.

Do You Need Help Managing Planning Analytics Workspace

If you need any help with how to manage PAW, please reach out. We’d be delighted to help you out.

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