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‘@= in TM1: How to Use it in Rules and Processes

What? @= in TM1? What does that mean?

Well, simply put if you have an expression that says sVariable = ‘Test’; then you are storing the value ‘Test’ into the string variable called sVariable. If you want to check if the contents of a string is equal to something, then you need to use an @ sign before the operator.

@= in TM1 Rules

Therefore we get Rule expressions like the following:

IF (sVariable @= 'Test' ,Outcome1 ,Outcome2 );

@= in Turbo Integrator Processes

Or a Turbo Integrator expression like this:

If (sVariable @= 'Test');

Note re @= in TM1

You only need to use this operator in TM1 for string (text) based evaluation. For numbers, no @ sign is required.

Operators in Rules and TI Processes

For a complete discussion of operators in TM1 TI processes, please see this post and for operators in Rules, check out this one.

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