NOW() TM1 Function: Syntax and Use

The NOW function returns the current date-time stamp from the TM1 server as a serial number. In other words the number of days since the start of TM1 time. Note that this number will be dependent on your setting for UseExcelSerialDate in TM1s.cfg.

Syntax of NOW

The syntax is Now();  There are no arguments.


Typically Now(); will be used to store the current time in a numeric variable and then this will be addressed through other functions. For example

nTimeNow = Now();

will store the current date-time stamp from the server in the variable nTimeNow.

Therefore, assuming you have enabled UseExcelSerialDate in tm1s.cfg, this will return the same value as the now() function in Excel.

The TODAY Function

The TODAY function is similar but returns today’s date as a text string. See this post for more information on it.


Now() can be used in both Rules and TM1 Turbo Integrator Processes.

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