NumberToString TM1 Process: Use and Syntax

NumberToString converts a value to a string in a TI Process.

It is very similar to the “Value” function in Excel.

If you are looking for the command to convert a string to a number, please see the NUMBR function

Syntax of NumberToString

The syntax is:

NumberToString (Value);

where the value is currently stored as a numeric field.


An example is sNumber = NumberToString (50);  which will insert the string ’50’ into the string variable sNumber.

A great use of this is when testing a TI script or when exporting data from TM1 to a text file, as it can be combined with an AsciiOutput to export variables or data to a text file.

This function can be used in TM1 Turbo Integrator Processes only.

To convert numbers to strings in Rules, please see the STR function.

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