Official IBM Documentation

With the installation of TM1, comes some impressive documentation worth reading through in your spare time. Here is a breakdown of the relevant resources provided by IBM Cognos:

Documentation Table
Documentation Table of Official IBM Cognos TM1 Documentation

Throughout Official TM1 training we reference these documents from time to time and ask trainees to read through specific Chapters and attempt Exercises as guided.

Documentation is held in a Folder under the TM1 Installation directory called “DocLibrary\Eng\”.

For Example:“C:\Program Files\Cognos\TM1\DocLibrary\Eng\tm1_dg_dvlpr.pdf”

TM1 Documentation – TM1 is typically installed to “C:\Program Files\Cognos\TM1” but the “Cognos” Folder could also be named “Applix” or “IBM Cognos” depending on which version of TM1 you are using. Likewise the “Program Files” directory may be called “Program Files (x86)” if the computer is 64-bit and TM1 (32-bit version) has been installed.

Happy reading!

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