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Filter MDX Function in Planning Analytics

Definition The TM1 MDX function FILTER in IBM Planning Analytics is utilised to selectively retrieve data from multidimensional cubes based on specified criteria. In conjunction…

How to Calculate SUMIF in TM1

IBM does not provide a native function to calculate SUMIF in TM1. How do I calculate SUMIF in TM1 and perform a sum of values…

How to use DefineCalc to Create a User Defined Calculation

One of the most useful features of TM1 is the ability for users to create custom rollups, by way of User Defined Consolidation (UDC). Unfortunately,…

How to Create a User Defined Consolidation in TM1 Architect & Perspectives

Sometimes we want to create a rollup of elements from a dimension that does not exist in the dimension structure itself. We have a choice….

TM1USER TM1 Excel Syntax and Use

TM1User function, when used in Planning Analytics for Excel, returns the user logged in the current server. TM1USER SYNTAX The syntax is as following: Where:…

DBSW TM1 Excel Syntax and Use

The DBSW function in TM1 sends a numeric value to a TM1 cube.  Syntax The syntax for using DBSW function is: Where: The arguments e1…

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