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Dimensions in TM1

Dimensions are one of the fundamental building blocks in TM1. We put dimensions together to create cubes and then cubes to hold data. What are…

Slow MDX Subsets? Best Practice Guide to Maintain Sets in TM1

Having MDX based dynamic subsets in TM1 is a fantastic way to ensure that reports, forms and processes that use those subsets contain all required…

Do you need IBM’s License Metric Tool (ILMT)?

Introduction Most organisations that own IBM server software are required in their contract with IBM to manage those licences in a way that is able…

Descendants MDX Function in Planning Analytics

Definition The ‘Descendants’ MDX function in TM1/Planning Analytics is used to generate a set containing all descendant members (i.e. children, grand children, great grand children…

DBS TM1 Excel Syntax and Use

DBS is an Excel based function, used to send numeric values to a TM1 cube’s cell. Example To illustrate the usage of DBS, let’s consider…

DBR TM1 Excel Syntax and Use

DBR function is used to retrieve a value from a specified TM1 cube. DBR Syntax The syntax for DBR function is as following: Where: A…

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