Planning Analytics for Excel (PAX) Ribbon Not Visible

Have you ever opened Excel and expected to see the Planning Analytics for Excel ribbon to be there and it wasn’t? Or The PAX toolbar is present, but you are getting #VALUE errors in a PAX report? Well, your problem might be that the Excel add-ins that run Planning Analytics for Excel might not be active.

What are the PAX Add-ins?

PAX connects to the Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) server (not the TM1 server). To do this it uses Excel Add-ins. 

There are actually three add-ins that need to be active in Excel for PAX. Two are regular Excel Add-ins and one is a COM Add-in.

Planning Analytics for Excel Add-ins

When these are present, PAX will behave properly, and the PAX ribbon will be visible in Excel like this:

PAX Ribbon

Problems with the PAX Ribbon or PAX Behaviour

If PAX is not behaving properly, you might need to go to File, Options, Add-ins and re-enable either the Excel Add-ins or COM Add-in.


Note that these MUST point to the correct installation location for PAX (yes, do check it because we have seen multiple installations of PAX – 32 bit, 64 bit, C drive and E drive all on the one computer!).

If PAX Plugins Not Listed in Excel

If the Excel plugins are not listed, click on the Browse button and navigate to your PAX installation location and in there you should find them. Once found add them into Excel. Once these are enabled, the PAX Ribbon should show.

PAX Excel Addin location

If Planning Analytics for Excel Ribbon Still Does Not Load

Then, if the PAX Ribbon does not load when Excel is opened, do the following:

  • Exit from Excel
  • Open the Registry Editor
  • Find each instance of “CognosOffice12.Connect” and check the setting on the LoadBehavior property. It must be set as a “3”, like this:
PAX Registry change
  • If it is not a 3, edit and make it a 3.
  • Then find the next instance of CognosOffice12.Connect and repeat so that all LoadBehavior properties are a 3.
  • Exit from the Registry Editor
  • Start Excel

You should now have the PAX ribbon visible.

Install Planning Analytics for Excel

Finally, if you don’t have Planning Analytics for Excel installed, you need to obviously get it. Please follow this link about how to install it.

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