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Refresh TM1 Contributor Approval Hierarchy

I was just updating the approval hierarchy on a TM1 Contributor model and could not see the changes through on the web app.  Odd, I thought. So I did some digging around and found that the solution to that specific problem is to re-save the Rights in Performance Modeller even if you have no rights in there in the first place.  Some what counter-intuitive I reckon!

So the whole process now to update the Approval Hierarchy in a Contributor model is as follows:

  1. Update the dimension in TM1.
  2. Update the view used for the Approval Hierarchy (including possibly changing it to show an alias), ensuring that there is a single top level node.
  3. Open Performance Modeller, if not already open.
  4. Navigate to the Application Design, Approval and check that the structure is using the correct view of the dimension you’ve been working on.
  5. Navigate to Rights (immediately below it) and double click on it. You should now see the hierarchy as defined in your view.
  6. Then if all ok, click Apply.
  7. Then when prompted, click Continue Saving the changes, even though there have been no changes made!
  8. Now open Contributor and check your model.  The new structure of the view should be displayed.
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