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Quick Reports in Planning Analytics for Excel


Quick Reports are one of the “new” methods of creating reports in Planning Analytics for Excel. They are super easy to create, they are fast, hierarchy aware and easy to format. In this series we will take you through a set of posts on Quick Reports that will introduce them and take you on a […]

SSL Configuration for Planning Analytics

SSL in Planning Analytics

This series takes you through how to configure SSL for the entire TM1 stack, from the core server itself, to the Cognos server for CAM security, through to the PAW and TM1Web servers.

MDX in Planning Analytics

MDX Leaves

MDX, or Multi Dimensional Expressions, are at the core of Planning Analytics for Excel, Planning Analytics Workspace and the Set Editor right throughout TM1. This series covers the basics through to more complex uses of MDX in Planning Analytics.

Dimension Management

Managing dimensions is one of the most important activities for any TM1 administrator. In this series we present all our posts on how to manage dimensions in TM1, from inserting elements, rolling up, or consolidating, elements into structures, deleting elements, doing the insert and rollup on the fly in a TI, rather than in batch […]

Planning Analytics Workspace Visualisations

Planning Analytics Workspace has a large array of visualisations available. From bar and column charts, to pie, line, and bubble, then all the way to waterfall and marimekko and scatter charts, the options are vast. This series takes you through how to create each different Planning Analytics Workspace visualisation, then what each PAW visualisation is […]

Planning Analytics for Excel Functions

This series takes us through Planning Analytics for Excel specific functions. From the functions used to send data to a TM1 cube, to the read write functions and picklist functions used widely, to the very special TM1 functions used in Dynamic Reports, we will take you through all the most frequently used Planning Analytics for […]

Top 10 TM1 Rule Functions

We ran a survey to identify the Top 10 TM1 Rule functions. The results are interesting, and, dare I say it a little surprising! Here’s the results and links to each of the posts explaining their use below.  

Planning Analytics + Components Installation

Here is a series that covers the installation and configuration of the core Planning Analytics server, then Planning Analytics Workspace, Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services (TM1Web) and Planning Analytics for Excel. Int this series we cover: Installation and upgrade of Planning Analytics core Installation and upgrade of Planning Analytics Workspace Installation and upgrade of Planning Analytics […]

Virtual Dimensions (Hierarchies)

Hierarchies, or Virtual Dimensions, are a really great way of adding significant analytic capability to your TM1 model. With them, you are effectively adding new dimensions to your cube, without actually modifying the structure of the cube. Sound confusion? Well, it’s not. Here we explain what they are, about the core of Virtual Dimensions (attributes) […]

Strings: All You Can Eat!

All about strings. Whether you’re a cat chasing a ball of string, or a TM1 admin manipulating strings to push them out to an ASCII file, concatenating them, or sending them to a text-based attribute, here is your complete guide to all things to do with strings in TM1.

TM1 Security

TM1 Security is one of those things that is really easy to set up and really easy to screw up. It can be really simple, or it can be a nightmare! In this series, we go through our posts that guide you through how to use security, how to configure TM1 to work with Cognos […]

Cognos Analytics and TM1

Here is a selection of our blog posts on using Cognos Analytics (Cognos BI) over the top of TM1 cubes. Now for over ten years, IBM has owned Cognos and TM1 and only now we are finally getting the integration to a reasonable level. We discuss everything from defining levels and default elements in TM1 […]

TMs.cfg: Useful Tips for Configuring TM1 via tm1s.cfg

TM1s.cfg governs the way each tm1 moel (server) works. Here’s our posts on configuring tm1s.cfg. Whether it is to set up AD security, enable virtual dimensions, to use Excel dates or changing the way feeders work, you’ll find interesting stuff in here about tm1s.cfg

Dates and Time in TM1

This series focusses on the manipulation and use of date and time in TM1 and Planning Analytics. We cover not only the functions, but also how to set your TM1 model to use the same date system as Excel and how to set your logs to use local time as well.

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