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Setting Default Element and Level Names in TM1 for use in Cognos BI

I am in the middle of setting TM1 up for use with Cognos BI.  There are two things that I found that I need to set in TM1 to make Congos work even better with TM1.  They are to set level names and a default member for a dimension.

Firstly, one of the things I like in BI is being able to present levels with business names rather than just level numbers.  Secondly, when working with a TM1 cube in Cognos BI, you need to have at least one element from each dimension in a report, otherwise Cognos won’t know what to display from that dimension.

Set Default Element for Cognos and Defined Level Names

You can set the default member and name levels of a dimension in the one place in TM1. Just open the control cube }HierarchyProperties and then orient it so that dimensions are listed as rows and HierarchyProperties are columns and then enter the default element and level names. In detail:

  1. View Control Objects
  2. Open the }HierarchyProperties control cube
  3. Enter the Default Member and
  4. Enter a name to describe each level of the relevant dimensions

Note that this assumes you have non-ragged hierarchies and it will be probably better if you have an “All blah blah” element at the very top of your dimension.

TI To Refresh MDX

After adding or modifying these names, you either need to restart TM1 or have a TI process that has the following command in it:


Framework Manager

Also (as of TM1 version 10.2) after importing the TM1 cube through Framework Manager these names are set and will not dynamically refresh.  Therefore, you need to get it right before bringing the cube through FM, or you need to reimport them through FM.



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