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Sleep in TM1: How to Pause a TI Process

Have you ever need to make a Turbo Integrator process sleep for a short while so another system can catch up? Getting a TI to pause can be a really useful step to include where you’re waiting on an external process to complete (like a file to be written by the operating system). It can also be really useful for having a TI pause where you want it to wait and then have it go back an repeatedly check for a condition to be true.

Sleep Function Syntax

The syntax of the sleep is very simple. It is just:

sleep ( n ); 

where n is the number of milli seconds you want it to wait.


An example of the sleep function is:

# Pause TI for 5 Seconds
nSleep = 5000;
sleep ( nSleep );

This will cause the process to wait for 5 seconds until it continues.

Why Wait?

The sleep function can be used in the following ways:

  • Where you are waiting for an external process to finish.
  • You need to loop back and check for a condition to be true. Yes, I know you could have a repeatedly scheduled chore to do it too.
  • There’s a master TI that is using ExecuteProcess to call a range of child processes and need to insert a wait step between some of the child steps.

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