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Stacked Column Graph in PAW: How and Why to Use

The Stacked Column Graph in Planning Analytics Workspace allows you display data from two dimensions in addition to a measure in an easy-to-read chart.

Why use a Stacked Column Graph?

Time Series Analysis

Stacked Column charts useful for displaying time series data for multiple categories of information. For example, to illustrate revenue by product group over time. The graph below demonstrates total revenue by month broken down within the columns to show each product group.

Stacked Column Graph - Time Series Analyse

Comparative Analysis

Stacked Column Visualisations are also excellent for comparisons of different non-time series data. In the chart below we can see a comparison of product group revenue by city. This clearly shows total revenue against each city, followed by a breakdown of revenue into product groups.

Stacked Column Graph - Comparative Analyse

How to Create a Stacked Column Graph in Planning Analytics Workspace

Time needed: 2 minutes

Creating the Stacked Column Chart in Planning Analytics Workspace is quite easy, as seen in the below step by step guide.

  1. Open the visualisations tab in a new book.

    Visualisation icon in PAW

  2. To insert the graph select the Stacked Column Graph icon

    Stacked Column Graph

  3. Drag and drop the dimensions into their relevant positions on the graph.

    Remember in this example we are doing a time series analysis.
    Therefore, the relevant dimensions are:
    – Bars = Time
    – Length = Measure – Gross Profit
    – Colour = Products

  4. Use the set editor for further refine the graph.

    i.e. or the time dimension – chose a time period relevant for the analysis (months)
    Hint to improve readability: utilise the show aliases & hide totals options.

  5. Format the graph in the properties tab.

    Properties tab

Stacked Column Chart Demonstration

Here is a quick video which walks through how to create these graphs in Planning Analytics Workspace. We also cover how to format the colours, column spacing, set selection and more.

Alternative Graphs

Other options to the Stacked Column Visualisation which you can consider include the Stacked Bar, or Stacked Line chart.

Do you need Help with PAW?

If you’d like some help with Planning Analytics Workspace – be it a simple tip how to get something done, or some assistance building new dashboards and visualisations, please get in touch. We’d be delighted to help.

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