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How to Delete All Elements from a TM1 Dimension: DimensionDeleteAllElements

Have you ever needed to just delete all elements from a dimension in TM1? Well there is a super easy function that does just this. Using DimensionDeleteAllElements, then one click and zap, they’re gone. Syntax of DimensionDeleteAllElements The syntax is: where DimName is the name of the dimension you want to delete all elements from. […]

DimensionElementComponentDelete TM1 Function: Use and Syntax

DimensionElementComponentDelete selects a single element and deletes it from a consolidation element in a dimension in TM1. Importantly, it does not delete the element from the dimension itself, it only removes it from being rolled up to the specified parent. For the opposite, please see DimensionElementComponentAdd. Syntax of DimensionElementComponentDelete The syntax is: DimensionElementComponentDelete(DimName, ConsolidatedElName, ElName); where DimName, is the […]

Creating and Expanding a Time Dimension

This post should really be titled “Creating a Time Dimension with a method which allows it to be easily expanded later.” but that simply wont fit. The concept is simple, where previously a time dimension is manually updated and eventually becomes tiresome to update (once every few years) we can instead use one process to […]

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