DimensionElementDelete Function TM1: Syntax and Use

Here is how to simply delete a single element from a dimension in TM1. Note DimensionElementDelete permanently deletes the element from the dimension and all associated data from any cube the dimension is used in – so please be careful!

AttrPutS TM1 Function: Use and Syntax

Syntax and use for AttrPutS for assigning a string to an attribute on an element in a TM1 dimension via a Turbo Integrator (TI) script for TM1 and Planning Analytics, with a warning about using it on the same TI tab as a DimensionElementInsert.


DIMIX TM1 Function: Use, Syntax and Examples

An in depth explanation of the usage of the DIMIX Function in Turbo Integrator Processes and Rules in TM1 and Planning Analytics. In short, to assess if a variable exists as either an element or an alias in a TM1 dimension.

IF in Turbo Integrator processes in TM1: Use, Syntax and Examples

IF is a function that can be used to test if an expression is true so that you…

DimensionElementComponentAdd TM1 Function: Use and Syntax

DimensionElementComponentAdd Function for use in TI Processes in TM1 and Planning Analytics to consolidate (or rollup) elements in a dimension. Explanation with an example of use.

DimensionElementInsert TM1 Function: Use, Syntax and Examples

How to insert a new element into a TM1 dimension using a Turbo Integrator process. This post explains how you can add a new item to a TM1 dimension.

Creating a Time Dimension

This post should really be titled “Creating a Time Dimension with a method which allows it to be…

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