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DimensionElementDelete Function TM1: Syntax and Use

Here is how to simply delete a single element from a dimension in TM1. Note DimensionElementDelete permanently deletes the element from the dimension and all associated data from any cube the dimension is used in – so please be careful!

AttrPutS TM1 Function: Use and Syntax

Syntax and use for AttrPutS for assigning a string to an attribute on an element in a TM1 dimension via a Turbo Integrator (TI) script for TM1 and Planning Analytics, with a warning about using it on the same TI tab as a DimensionElementInsert.

DIMIX TM1 Function: Use and Syntax

DIMIX Function: Explanation and Use in Turbo Integrator Processes and Rules in TM1 and Planning Analytics to assess if a variable exists as either an element or an alias in a TM1 dimension.

IF() TM1 TI Function: Use and Syntax

IF() is a function that can be used to test if an expression is true so that you can then differentially execute another function based on the outcome of the IF statement. It is able to be used in both Turbo Integrator processes and Rules, however, this post is about the use of it in TI’s only.  For Rule-based IF statements, please see this post. Syntax of IF() for Turbo … Continue Reading

DimensionElementComponentAdd TM1 Function: Use and Syntax

DimensionElementComponentAdd Function for use in TI Processes in TM1 and Planning Analytics to consolidate (or rollup) elements in a dimension. Explanation with an example of use.

DimensionElementInsert TM1 Function: Use and Syntax

How to insert a new element into a TM1 dimension using a Turbo Integrator process. This post explains how you can add a new item to a TM1 dimension.

Creating a Time Dimension

This post should really be titled “Creating a Time Dimension with a method which allows it to be easily expanded later.” but that simply wont fit. The concept is simple, where previously a time dimension is manually updated and eventually becomes tiresome to update (once every few years) we can instead use one process to create the dimension and for each year call another process which added the year its … Continue Reading