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ExecuteProcess TM1 Function: Use and Syntax

What ExecuteProcess Does ExecuteProcess (not ProcessExecute!) calls one process from within another process in TM1 and allows you to pass parameters to the called process. Syntax of ExecuteProcess The syntax is: ExecuteProcess (ProcessName, Parameter1name ,Parameter1value, Parameter2name, Parameter2value, ParameterNname, ParameterNvalue); where: ProcessName is the process you want to call Parameter1name is the name first parameter you want to pass a value to the called process. Parameter1value is the value of the first parameter Parameter2name … Continue Reading

Running a TI Process from within another Process

In TM1 often we want to have a master process which then calls child processes. There is a Turbo Integrator command that allows us to nest TM1 processes. It is called ExecuteProcess. Syntax of ExecuteProcess ExecuteProcess ( processname, paramater1name, parameter1value, parameter2name, parameter2value, parameterNname, parameterNvalue ); where: processname is the name of the process you want to call parameter1name is the name of the first parameter you want to pass a value … Continue Reading

Automating Data Transfers between TM1 Servers

Replicating a Cube from a one TM1 Server into another has never been easier. Follow the steps below to copy a cube from one server to another (this includes synchronising TM1 Dimensions). This process uses the ODBO Provider for TM1 and generated MDX. I was going to show how to create an MDX Query for the desired cube but as it turns out you can select ODBO Cube as the data type … Continue Reading

How to Import all Files in a Directory

We’ve recently been on a Property Management project using TM1 to deliver a Management, Planning and Reporting Solution. The Client has properties which are managed by an external property manager who produces tenancy schedules and general ledger reports for data consumption. The Problem: Every properties reports would come from the external property manager in a different file. Making the process to load these into TM1 only mildly faster than using … Continue Reading