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IBM SPSS Modeler v16.0 What’s new

Here is a review of what is new in SPSS v16.¬†Although it is not officially released yet, a document that explains what’s new has been linked to the internet. You can find it by clicking here. Here is our summary of the features. Some of the new key features that caught my attention are:

SPSS Modeler 15 – How to use the Auto Classifier Node

IBM SPSS Modeler V15.0 enables you to build predictive models to solve business issues, quickly and intuitively, without the need for programming. In this demonstration we are going to show, how you can use the “Auto-Classifier Node”. The Auto Classifier node can be used for nominal or binary targets. It tests and compares various models in a single run.

TM1 Tutorials remodelled with added analytics

I’m pleased to announce that TM1 Tutorials.com has had a complete rebuild and today we have launched the new site, just in time for IBM Information On Demand (IOD). Please head on over to the new and improved TM1 Tutorials.com and see for yourself what all the fuss is about! You can also track our progress at IOD by following @TM1Tutorials on twitter. The new TM1 Tutorials website is now … Continue Reading

How to use SPSS Modeler and Time Series Algorithms to Forecast Revenues

A planning exercise typically involves a batch of spreadsheets, which probably look chaotic and consumes a lot of time to maintain. A much better, more efficient and optimised option is to use specialised software for this work, like TM1. Using TM1, speeds up the process considerably and the planning process is a lot more efficient. But still you have to rely to some arbitrary decisions regarding next years budget, like … Continue Reading

How to install IBM SPSS Modeler 15 Client

Installing SPSS Modeler 15 client is an easy task. Below you can find detailed steps on how to do it. IBM SPSS Modeler Client is a functionally complete version of the product, which is installed and run on the user’s desktop computer. The Client can be run in local mode as a standalone product, or in distributed mode along with IBM SPSS Modeler Server for improved performance on large data … Continue Reading