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MDX in TM1 – a Basic Introduction

Here’s how to create dynamic subsets in TM1 by using recorded MDX, with an explanation of MDX.

Creating basic Top 10 reports using MDX expression

One of the most common requests for reports is to generate a list of top 10 for a dimension based on TM1 data. This makes sense considering level of data TM1 works best with; this could cover top 10 consumers, customers or top 30 SKUs at one particular outlet or within a brand. There are several ways to achieve that within TM1, the simplest way to do this within a … Continue Reading

3 Cardinal Rules of Sustainable TM1 Development

Never use Names or Descriptions as Elements. This is because change is inevitable, one day that account name will change, and with how TM1 stores data against elements the chances are that a new account will be added with the new name and your data will change paths, starting in the old account name and swapping into the new account from its addition date forward. The alternative is to store … Continue Reading

TM1 Perspectives (for Excel) Report Methods

Here is another minor extract from TM1 Tutorials.com training material. We talk through the common sustainable reporting methodologies within TM1 Perspectives for Microsoft Excel. These being: Static/Standard Reporting Active Form Reports Filter Reporting MDX Reporting VUSLICE Reporting This isn’t an exhaustive list, but we believe these are reporting styles TM1 Consultants should at the very lease know of. The common methodologies for reporting from TM1 Servers within Microsoft Excel: Name Description Usage … Continue Reading

MDX Primer Tutorial

Hi Here’s a  link to my preferred MDX source on the web: www.bihints.com Wim Gielis