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How do Delete a TM1 Service

How to delete a redundant TM1 service from Windows. Sometimes we need to delete a TM1 service. After changing the name for a TM1 model, for example, we may be left with a Windows Service still existing for the old model. This explains how to remove a redundant TM1 server.

Removing old TM1 Servers from "Services"

When upgrading a clients environment to IBM Cognos TM1 10.1 I noticed a bunch of older TM1 Services. A quick google reveals that you can remove services by using the following command line: sc delete “Service Name” Note: If you have a TM1 Service setup as: “TM1 Server x64 / Production Server” you will use the following command sc delete “Production Server” Is it about time you cleaned up the … Continue Reading

Nightly/Weekly TM1 Restart Implementation

Its generally a good idea to restart TM1 Servers regularly. Typically we recommend restarting the instance weekly but if your TM1 Server is over 16GB in Memory you should try for nightly restarts. This is because TM1’s memory consumption grows as TM1 is used and TM1 will never release memory once consumed until the application is restarted. The ideal TM1 Restart solution: Create a TI Process which will Save the … Continue Reading

TM1 Server Setup

Creating a new TM1 Server To create a new server you must first create a data directory, this directory must have at very least: ‘tm1s.cfg’ ‘tm1s.lic’ The configuration file (tm1s.cfg) should specify: Server Name Server Admin-host Data Directory Logging Directory Server Port Any Additional Configurations (Max Login Attempt) The typical directory structure of an Application Server is as follows: