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How to Create a User Defined Consolidation in TM1 Architect & Perspectives

Sometimes we want to create a rollup of elements from a dimension that does not exist in the dimension structure itself. We have a choice. We can either go back to the developers and have them add a new rollup, or in Architect and Perspectives, we can create what is called a User Defined Consolidation. […]

TM1USER TM1 Excel Syntax and Use

TM1User function, when used in Planning Analytics for Excel, returns the user logged in the current server. TM1USER SYNTAX The syntax is as following: Where: Example and Usage To provide an example of how this function is used, let’s consider a simple scenario. Suppose there is a server named “NebulaFit” and a user named Tom […]

DBSW TM1 Excel Syntax and Use

The DBSW function in TM1 sends a numeric value to a TM1 cube.  Syntax The syntax for using DBSW function is: Where: The arguments e1 through en are sequence sensitive, meaning the order of the elements is important. e1 corresponds to an element from the first dimension of the cube, e2 corresponds to an element […]

DBS TM1 Excel Syntax and Use

DBS is an Excel based function, used to send numeric values to a TM1 cube’s cell. Example To illustrate the usage of DBS, let’s consider a Sales Analysis cube with the dimensions : Year, Month, Customer, Product, and Measures. Suppose we want to insert the value of $1000 in the intersection of: Syntax of DBS […]

DBR TM1 Excel Syntax and Use

DBR function is used to retrieve a value from a specified TM1 cube. DBR Syntax The syntax for DBR function is as following: Where: A few things to note here regarding the arguments e1 through en: Importance of Sequence in DBR Syntax The sequence of the arguments is crucial. e1 should correspond to an element […]

VIEW TM1 Excel Syntax and Use

The VIEW function enhances the efficiency of a Planning Analytics for Excel Custom Reports or Dynamic Reports by establishing an optimised representation of a cube. This feature speeds up report retrieval, especially during slicing operations in Perspectives or when exporting a Custom Report in PAX. It achieves faster retrieval by establishing an optimised representation of […]

DBSS TM1 Excel Syntax and Use

The DBSS function sends a string value to any TM1 cube’s cell. DBSS Syntax The syntax for DBSS is: Where: Importance of Sequence It is important to note that the arguments (e1…en) follow a specific sequence in which e1 corresponds to an element from the first dimension of the cube, e2 corresponds to an element […]

DBSA TM1 Excel Syntax and Use

DBSA allows you to send a value (numeric or string) to an attribute of an element in a dimension. DBSA Syntax The syntax for this function is: Where: Example of DBSA We have a dimension, Employee, with the attributes Name, ID-Name, Department and Age. We want to update the Name attribute for employee with the […]

How to Determine the TM1 Perspectives Version Installed

Finding out the version of TM1 Perspectives is easy. TM1 Perspectives is an Excel Addin that gives great functionality for using TM1 information in Excel to create forms and reports that refresh automatically with the latest data from TM1. Here is what you need to do to determine what version of Perspectives you have installed: […]

Connecting to Alternative TM1 Server

If you’re like most of our clients you’ll have both a production and non-production environment for Cognos Express or TM1. It is not real obvious though how you switch servers from, say Production to Development, or Development to Test etc. Well here’s how you can easily change your TM1 login to point to a development, […]

TM1 10.1 – The new look for Perspectives

One of the first questions I’m ever asked about a new release of any kind of software is “How does it look?”. And since TM1 10.1 introduces a new icon set across Architect and Perspectives I thought I’d add in a quick little gallery. Click the images below to see the different screens of TM1 Perspectives 10.1. Please note […]

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