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Replicating a Dimension Hierarchy in Excel

For those of us still using earlier versions of TM1 where Active Forms are not available, below is a set of VBA code that would enable you to recreate the dimension tree in your excel reports . In this example, we have a list of sales area managers from the Sales Managers dimension derived using the ELCOMPN formula. The objective is to make the list resemble the dimension hierarchy in TM1 as shown … Continue Reading

Installing TM1 9.5

Heres a quick tutorial on how to install TM1 9.5, after these instructions are the same instructions with images to aide in the installation process. Please leave a comment if this helps or if I have missed a step.  Installing TM1 9.5 Make sure Microsoft IIS is installed with the latest ‘.net’ framework Make sure Excel 2003 or Excel 2007 has been installed Open the setup file ‘setup.exe’ Select your language … Continue Reading