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How to Hide Admin Host in TM1Web

Steps to Configure PA Spreadsheet Services/ TM1 Web to hide Admin Host Need Help? Do you need some help with configuring TM1Web, or just some advice about how to make amazing applications with TM1 Web? Just give us a shout and we’d be glad to help.  

What is the URL for TM1Web?


TM1Web allows browser based access to TM1 with writeback capability. The TM1 Web URL is https://servername:port/tm1web/, where usually the port is 9510.

TM1 Feature Stack – Diagram

Here we have two diagrams which were created for Official TM1 Tutorials.com Training, which show how some of the different components within the IBM Cognos TM1 Product set interact with one another. The first diagram shows specific components and the second shows an implementation example. Diagram 1:   Diagram 2:

Adding Items to the TM1 Web Right Click Menu

Within the TM1Web/Scripts folder open the ‘tm1webbook.js’ file within notepad or the preferred editor. You should probably create a backup of this file before making any changes. 1.       The Menu Item ID Press “ctrl+F” to bring up the find dialog – search for “var COPY” On a blank line here create a name for your button […]

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