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How to Convert a Text Date-time to a Numeric Element

Do you know how to convert a text date-time into a numeric (or full serial datetime) element in TM1? For example, if you have an Excel file as the original source with a date time formatted from a date serial. In Excel the data displayed as, say, “2021-07-06 06:30” and is stored as 44383.2708333333. However, […]

Fixed Width File Format from TM1

When outputting data from TM1 usually we can get away with comma separated values format. Which is standard functionality from a Turbo Integrator process [See ASCIIOutput, TextOutput functions]. Every now and then we need to interface with a ERP system which requires Fixes Width Fields. This presents a few problems, not insurmountable but still not expressly easy either. The […]

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