Turbo Integrator Processes

How to Import all Files in a Directory

We’ve recently been on a Property Management project using TM1 to deliver a Management, Planning and Reporting Solution….

Guest Post: Sorting TM1 Text Output – Wim Gielis

First of all, thanks to Ben for inviting me to write this guest article. The case is as…

Sending Emails from TM1 (Part 1: Plain Text)

Sending Emails from TM1 – Using HTML Problem: Although some additional components of TM1 have built-in email functionality,…

Nightly TM1 Backups

All data for a TM1 server is typically held in a single folder we call the Data Directory….

SwapAliasWithPrincipalName TI Function – How to Use and Syntax

Here we explain how to use the Swap AliasWithPrincipalName function in TM1 to swap the contents of an alias with the primary ID’s of a dimension.

Sending Cube Data into a Database

Create a new Turbo Integrator Process For now we won’t set the data source for the TI Process…

Drill Through Processes in TM1: How to Create Them

In this quick tutorial I’m going to demonstrate how you would go about creating a TI Process which…

Naming Conventions and Syntax

Within TM1 all objects names and contents are completely defined by the Developer. Cubes, Public Views, Dimensions, Public…

The Definitive Guide to Turbo Integrator Troubleshooting

Here is all you need to know about TM1 Turbo Integrator processes. What they are, how they work and how to debug them.

Clear Cube Process

It is good practice to create and destroy a view for clearing rather then leaving a large clear…

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