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Compare data directories

I made this recently to compare two TM1 Data Directories. Its rather self explanatory. The Inputs are: Path to Production Path to Dev And with this it produces a list of all files that are in one but not in the other.

API CellGet Function

Please be aware that this code is not some of my better work, its from about 2 years ago from a pet project of mine. Enjoy. In Sumary this code connects to a server to get a value from a Cube, then disconnects. (This is not very efficient but shows all fundamentals of TM1 API Development – pre .net).

API Tutorial (not .net)

TM1 API Programming – Initial Steps:  At the start of a TM1 API project a few steps are necessary to get connected, 1.      Include the TM1 API Module 2.      At the Beginning of the Project use the ChDir and ChDrive function and set the Selected Directory to the Directory that contains TM1api.dll or put the bin dll files in the projects folder.                 example:                    ChDir “C:Program FilesApplixbin”                    ChDrive “C” The Best way … Continue Reading