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ELWEIGHT TM1 Function: How to Use, Syntax & Example


Ever wondered how you can use the weight assigned to an element in a hierarchy in a rule or turbo integrator process? Well, ELWEIGHT allows you to do just that! Syntax of ELWEIGHT The syntax of ELWEIGHT is: where: Dimension is the name of the dimension you are checking. Parent is the name of the […]

General Ledger Analysis with TM1

General Ledger Analysis in Planning Analytics

Do you have Excel based TM1 reports with hard coded Excel SUM formulae? Or manually entered line descriptions on your P&L or Balance Sheet, or a General Ledger cube with negatives for credits and positives for debits, when your users want to see all positive values? Here’s a quick case study for what we achieved for a new client last week that delivers all this and enables the GL cube to be easily used in Planning Analytics Workspace.

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