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How to Take a Snapshot in Planning Analytics for Excel

Planning Analytics for Excel (or PAX) provides an Excel based interface to TM1 data. It provides a highly flexible environment for users to create their own reports from TM1 data and then share them with their colleagues. PAX reports can also be subsequently accessed via Planning Analytics Workspace and TM1Web. Sometimes we may want to save a snapshot of a report that is completely disconnected from the underlying TM1 data.

To Create a Snapshot of a TM1 PAX Report

Here is how to create a snapshot of a Planning Analytics for Excel report:

1.       Open the required report in Planning Analytics for Excel or create your own ad hoc analysis in PAX.

2.       Note the TM1 formulae (DBRW) in the screenshot below.

PAX snap shot – note TM1 formula

3.       In the PAX Excel ribbon, click on Snapshot.

PAX menu to create a snap shot

4.       Choose to create either a snap shot of the current tab, current book or all open workbooks.

5.       Select Yes.

Planning Analytics for Excel – Confirmation to create snapshot

6.       This will disconnect all TM1 formulae from TM1, essentially doing a Copy, Paste Special, Values, so now your report looks like this:

PAX snap shot – note TM1 formula now replaced with values only
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