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TM1 10.1 Operations Console vs. CubeSpy

A simple breakdown of the differences and similarities of the new TM1 Operations Console in TM1 10.1 and CubeSpy through Installation, Features and appearance.

Software Installation


TM1 Operations Console

  1. Run the Installer.
  2. Open and Point CubeSpy to TM1 when Prompted.
  3. Add TM1 Servers.
  1. Run the Installer.
  2. Start the Applications Server via Cognos Configuration.
  3. Add the SSL Certificates into JRE via Command line.
  4. Configure the Operations Console via an XML Config file.
  5. Change Internet Explorer browse settings
  6. Browse to TM1 Operations Console.
  7. Add Groups, then Adminhosts, then TM1 Servers.
CubeSpy Configuration
CubeSpy Setup & Configuration

Software Features


TM1 Operations Console

  • Monitor Multiple TM1 Servers. (TM1 9.4 to 10.1)
  • Enable TM1 User access based on Software Distribution.
  • Profile Creation – Group Servers by Version, Location.
  • Windows Tray Icons Displaying Server Queues Graph with Color Coding.
  • Monitor User Idle Time as well as Standard Activity Time.
  • Broadcast Messages to all users on a Server.
  • View Server activity at a glimpse using the Activity Spark Bars.
  • Server Monitor Dashboard which displays all active Server Spark Bars.
  • Copy Usernames, User Activity to the Clipboard.
  • Windows Notifications if/when a Server Stops Communicating with Clients. (Server Shutdown or Crash)
  • Windows Notifications when more than a definable amount of users (default is 1) are waiting in a queue on the TM1 Server.
  • 24/7 Logging to a Database (CubeSpy Agent)
  • Event Log – Process Execution, Rule Saves and Server Restarts (CubeSpy Agent)
  • User load charting (CubeSpy Agent)
  • Monitor Multiple TM1 Servers (TM1 9.4 to 10.1)
  • Enable TM1 User access based on Groups
  • Filter by State and Thread Type.
  • No Software Required (But copious Browser Settings)
  • Logging to text file.

Software Appearance

TM1 Operations Console

TM1 10.1 Operations Console
TM1 10.1 Operations Console - Home Screen


TM1 10.1 Operations Console
TM1 10.1 Operations Console – Filter


CubeSpy Home Screen
CubeSpy Home Screen
CubeSpy 1.5.9 - User Load Charts x2


CubeSpy 1.5.9 - Event Viewer
CubeSpy 1.5.9 - Event Viewer


CubeSpy Monitor
CubeSpy Monitor

CubeSpy is a TM1 Monitoring application which supports many convenient administrative features such as message broadcasting and a 24/7 User Log. Additional information and a Trial version can be downloaded here.


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