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TM1 10.2 – New Feature: Enable/Disable Applications from Commandline

In this new release of TM1 10.2, a new feature has been added to allow users to perform application maintenance using command line, or in a batch file.

The main purpose of this utility is to automate some of the application maintenance, using a combination of standard TI processes and TI processes that execute commands available in this utility.  Also, chores can be setup to execute these periodically, such as overnight application maintenance.

This utility can be found in the <TM1 installation directory>webappspmpsvcWEB-INFtools, and the main file to use is app_maintenance.bat.


Here are a list of commands that you can perform using this utility:

  • Activate an application
  • Deactivate an application
  • Deploy an application
  • Import, export and refresh rights to an application
  • Reset workflow states of an application
  • CAM Logon
    • Logon using an encrypted password
    • Logon using an encrypted password created by TM1Crypt.exe
    • Create an encrypted password file
    • Encrypted password with increase key strength
  • Log to a file
  • Set logging level: ERROR, DEBUG, INFO, and OFF
  • Execute a sequence of commands from a command file
  • Package the app_maintenance tool
  • Disable a server
  • Enable a server

Here are an example on what the .bat file looks like:

  • Deactivate an application

The command syntax is pretty self-explanatory, that needs to identify the TM1 Application portal URL, log-in credentials, application ID, and the action

These command batch files can be executed from a TI process, for example:

And of course, you can string together with other standard TI processes into a chore to be performed overnight.

There are syntax examples for each command available through help, -h.  You can output this help to a text file for future reference.

  1. Go to the tool’s directory from command prompt
  2. Enter app_maintenance.bat -h > sample_syntax.txt

This utility can be packaged and “installed” onto another machine, using the -package command option.

Note, to use this utility, a version of Java JRE must be running of the machine that utility is running, along with all the JRE settings in place in order for this utility to find it.

Utility Package: Application Maintenance Utility TI Processes

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