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TM1 to Cognos Express Translation

Just thought I would write up a small but simple translation guide for the TM1 Experts who are now diving into the new world of Cognos Express.


This is the new name for the TM1 Excel Add-in and also the new name for TM1 Web. This can cause some confusion since TM1Web and Perspectives are very different front ends.


This is Executive Viewer put behind the Data Package System used widely in Cognos Software. I’ve heard there is a way to view data that’s not published to a Package but haven’t seen it yet. So best install framework manager also if you want to use Advisor.


A very cool wrapper which guides the Administrator through the Installation Process as well as monitoring services and providing a management front end for security once the installation is complete. TM1 has been lacking this for many years although it seems this may not be very flexible when it comes to multiple instances of TM1 servers (Sorry, Cognos Express Servers).


Can’t tell you yet as my client doesn’t have licenses. Extract from Manager about Reporter: “IBM Cognos Express Reporter empowers business users to access, modify and author reports with complete self-service reporting and ad-hoc query capabilities. Access any type of data – relational, analytical OLAP, or desktop files – and deliver your reports via the web, PDF, Excel, email, or portal.”

Reporter simply sounds like Cognos BI, perhaps it’s a cut down version.

If you have reporter tell us a little about it in the comments section below, or tell us what you think of the new names.

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