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TM1 FEEDSTRINGS: What Is It and How Do You Use It

You’ve probably have across a rule that has SKIPCHECK at the start. You might have noticed that also, quite often, is another line of code right next to it in the rule file – FEEDSTRINGS. But what the hell is it and how do you use it?

What is Feedstrings in TM1?

Feedstrings, very simply, is a method of telling TM1 to apply feeders to strings.

When do you Need to Use the Command

You need to use the command in TM1 rules when you have string (or text based rules and have SKIPCHECK enabled.

Why Use It?

As background, the SKIPCHECK is what enables TM1’s algorithm for not calculating empty cells. Feeders turn on the calculation for cells that have rules written to calculate them. The TM1 Feedstrings command is a special command that turns on feeders for string (text) based rules.

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