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How to Automatically Clean up TM1 Log Files

One of the things that is often overlooked in TM1 is to clean up the log files. Performing a TM1 log file cleanup will reclaim hard drive space. If unmanaged, this could eventually lead to your hard drive filling up and TM1 crashing.

There are a few different types of log files, one of which is created every time a SaveDataAll or a CubeSaveData is executed. These save the data in TM1 cubes out to disk, so that if the server crashes, TM1 will be loaded with the last saved data set. Thus you can end up with many of these log files and they can be huge (in gigabytes).

These log files are named in the syntax tm1sYYYYDDMMHHMM.txt, for example tm1s201515111047.txt.

To manage this we need to clean up the old log files. They can be either zipped or deleted, or just deleted.  Personally, I prefer to just delete them when they are older than about 2 weeks.

TI Process and .bat file to Cleanup TM1 Logs

To automate the cleanup of TM1 log files we use a combination of a Process that is scheduled into a Chore and run every week and a .bat file that is run by the process. In the batch file we define the location of the log files and how far back we want to delete them.

The Process, Chore and .bat file for cleaning up TM1 Log Files are available here. You can deploy them directly into your TM1 or Cognos Express environment.

More Info on TM1 Logs

For a detailed discussion on TM1 log files, please see this post.

Help on TM1 Server Management

Managing a TM1 server and keeping it healthy can be a complex task. If you need any assistance managing your TM1 servers, please reach out to us and we’d be delighted to assist.

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