TM1 Management Tips and Tricks

We want to give away a few of our amazing ExploringTM1 t-shirts and would really like your input to a little project we’re doing.

We’re creating a tips and tricks sheet full of ideas for managing TM1. These could be things like:

  • automating the clean out of log files,
  • reviewing the message log weekly,
  • monitoring the amount of free space on the drive holding the data or log files,
  • restarting the service for the model,
  • running IBM’s ILMT, or
  • getting the TM1 server to send emails to admins upon a TI failure

We currently have 10 or 12 items that we’ve explained on our list, but wanted to get from all you experts in the field, what you’d include.

So, please just ask yourself this question:

If there were three things you’d advise a new TM1 administrator to manage in their TM1 environment, what would they be?

Then just pop them in the form below. We’ll then draw five responses from a proverbial hat and send them one of our fabulous ExploringTM1 t-shirts! And even if you don’t win a t-shirt, we’ll send you a copy of the tips when we publish them.

Thanks for your help!

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