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TM1 Performance Modeler Not Opening

I have been battling with opening Performance Modeler for a couple of weeks where I would start the application, get the “log on as” screen, put my details in (that are valid), select the server and click Ok. Then the status bar on the splash screen advances to about 20% and then it hangs. Very, very frustrating!

I spoke with IBM who eventually suggested a solution that worked. Here is is:

Go to my dev server and take a copy of CXMD and zip it (so I have an original copy).

Restart TM1 and then delete all Processes.

Restart TM1 and then try logging into Performance Modeler. That worked, except I had no processes!

Then I had to go through and find the offending Process. I chose a binary method – delete half, restart Cognos Express and test (i.e. if you had 32 processes, delete the first 16). If PM opens, then you know it is one that you have deleted, if it does not open, it is in the half that you did not delete.

Then restore CXMD, restart CX, delete half of the offending half from above. Restart CX and test PM. Continue this process to identify the dodgy process. If you have 32 processes, it will take you 6 iterations (32/16/8/4/2/1) to identify the process.

Then either fix or delete the offending process.

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