TM1 RoundUp Function: Method, Syntax and Use

The RoundUp function doesn’t exist in TM1 like it does in Excel. However, here is a really simple method to achieve exactly the same outcome.

TM1 RoundUp Method

The method to achieve in TM1 what is available in Excel via the RoundUp function uses the INT function and some clever usage of negatives. Here it is:

nValue = 13.6

In Excel, using RoundUp on this would give you 14.

In TM1 if we use:


Then we will get exactly the same value as RoundUp in Excel, 14. This is because INT returns the largest integer less than or equal to a value. So if nValue is 13.6, then INT of -13.6 will give you -14. Then putting a minus sign in front of the INT, will reverse it again, returning 14. Boom!

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