Ambiguous Element Name: TM1 Rule Error

I recently opened a rule and made a very minor change, then wend to save it and got a really odd error that had nothing to do with the changes I had made to the rule. The error said “Error: Element name ambiguous ‘Current Year'”. This seemed rather odd as had not made any changes that had anything to do with time.

Then I remembered that I had added an alias onto the Year dimension that can be set with ‘Current Year’ or ‘Prior Year’ or whatever and obviously, as an alias needs to be unique, was now causing a conflict with the element referred to in the rule as ‘Current Year’.

Resolution to the Ambiguous Element Rule Error

To resolve the mysterious ambiguous element rule error? Well, that involved stating in the rule which ‘Current Year’ I wanted to work with. I read up on it and found that I need to insert the dimension name in front of the element name in the syntax [dimension:’element’].

Unfortunately that did not work, no matter what I did. My actual rule says:

[‘No Year’, ‘No Month’, ‘System Assumptions Elements’:’Current Year’, ‘String’]

Which is the version that does work. What was not clear from other posts on the internet was that I needed to enclose the dimension name in single inverted commas as well – because I like my dimensions to be readable to normal people and thus have spaces in them!

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