Who Changed that TM1 Data? Using the TM1 Transaction Log

Have you ever had an inexplicable change to TM1 data? you know, when a user comes to you and says, John (in my case), the data in TM1 has changed since I looked at it last month? Well, if you have, here is the solution using the TM1 Transaction Log. And it is really easy!

How to find out Who, What and When data has changed in TM1!

All data changes in TM1 are stored in the TM1 Transaction Log files. If you still have the logs, you can use TM1’s Transaction Log querying tool to identify any changes to data in for a specific element or set of elements in a cube.

To query the TM1 Transaction logs, just do the following:

  • Use Architect or Perspectives and right click on the model name, then choose “View Transaction Log”

  • Then select the cube or cubes you want to search the logs for.

  • Then limit your search to a date range.

  • Next, select specific elements to limit your search.

  • Finally, click OK and your query will run. If it is a large cube with a lot of changes, it may take some time (so be patient!). Once complete it will list all transactions that fit the desired query.

Limitation on TM1 Transaction Logs

Now, there is a limitation to this. And that is how far back you have saved your TM1 transaction logs. If you have deleted the logs, you can’t interrogate something that doesn’t exist anymore. We (at Infocube) use a Log File Cleanup TI and script to clean out old logs. We usually have it set to 90 days, so it covers at least the last few month ends.

Reversing Changes

If you then need to reverse, or back out, changes in TM1, please see this great post by Nova.

When are Transactions Not Logged?

Hmmm, so, one other thing. All transactions are logged except when logging has been disabled by using a CubeSetLogChanges in the prolog of a Turbo Integrator process. This will speed up the TI, but remove any entry in the log for the duration of that process.

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