TM1Top in Cognos Express

I had a runaway process in TM1 today.  Took 8 hours to complete with a minor error in it on each row… I then couldn’t kill it short of restarting the server.  TM1Top would have allowed me to kill this process and go back to work

This great little tool shows what is happening in TM1 and what users are connected at any one time.  It does not come with Cognos Express 10.2, but appears to work with it.  You’ll need to get a copy of TM1Top from somewhere else and install it.

For Cognos Express, you then need to change the ini file TM1Top.ini to show adminhost=localhost,

Once it is working, you can log into TM1Top via V (for Verify) and then in Cognos Express, type CognosExpress as the namespace, username, password (note to login to TM1Top from in Cognos Express, you must enter the namespace as “CognosExpress”, not “cognosexpress” and not “cxmd”!).

From here you can kill processes using C to Cancel (please note that as of Cognos Express 10.2.1 FP3, TM1Top no longer appears to allow you to Verify and therefore you are unable to kill a process).

For instructions on installing TM1Top and the download files, please go here.