TODAY TM1 Function: Syntax and Use

TODAY simply returns the current system date as a string in the form ‘yy-mm-dd’, or if you want, in the format ‘yyyy-mm-dd’.

Syntax of TODAY

The syntax is Today ( FourDigitYearFlag); where:

  • FourDigitYearFlag – can be either omitted or 0 or 1, where omitted or 0 will return the 2 digit year and a 1 will return a 4 digit year.


Assuming the current system date is 07 June 2016, then:


will return the string ‘2016-06-07′

While Today();

will return the string ’16-06-07’.

The NOW Function

if you’re looking to understand the NOW function, where you can get a numeric serial number for today’s date, please see this post.


This function is valid in both TM1 rules and TurboIntegrator processes.

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