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How to use TM1 Attributes in Report Studio

TM1 best practice guides recommend using codes for creating hierarchies and using names as aliases. With TM1 it is also very common to work with various other attributes. But when you create a package with framework manager you can choose what alias you want to show in reports. So you normally use the name as default to show up in reports. But what if someone asks you to show in one column the product codes and in another nested column the names?

Well good news because it is easy to work with attributes in report studio or workspace advanced. We will demonstrate the usage of attributes in report studio.

First lets create a simple list. Drag and drop a list object from the toolbox into the canvas.

Then we expand the “Brand” hierarchy and drag the “Model” level to the list.

Then drag and drop the Member Description attribute beside the “Model” dataset.

Run the report

And you get codes and names on the report
To add other attributes the process is the same. In the next image we added the attributes “Hoursepower” and “Engine displacement” into the list

Another thing you can do with attributes is to filter a dataset.  Click on the data set and on the properties window click the ellipsis by the set definition
The set definition dialog will pop up. Click on new and then Set Filter
Then click on property and choose an attribute and finally set the value you want to filter on.
The dataset will return only members with attribute “Hoursepower” equal to 513 hp. If you click on the set definition again you will that a filter has been added. From this dialog you can modify or delete the filter.   Finally if you run the report you get as expected only those results that satisfy the filter

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