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Using a Framework Manager Package as a Data Source

You can use data published through Cognos BI as a data source for TM1.  I had heaps of trouble trying to make this to work. It was very frustrating, but I think worthwhile.

So why bother I hear you ask first up. Well I reckon that in a combined BI & TM1 environment, having a data set that uses a common metadata layer for both BI and TM1 makes sense. Make a change in the FM package and it is reflected in all BI and TM1 uses of that data with a single change.  Yes, it adds a layer.  Adds another technology and might slow things down a little.  But if you are loading a cube in the middle of the night, who cares if it takes 10 minutes or 12?

To make it work though was a different story. First the TM1 Package Connector is not installed by default with Cognos Express 10.2. Dumb IBM. So you need to get that, then install it and point it at the same Cognos environment in cogconfig as the CX environment. So just open cogconfig for CX and copy the Gateway and Dispatcher settings from the Environment properties and paste them into the cogconfig for Cognos10. Leave everything else the same and save the Cognos 10 cogconfig. That should make it work.

Now open Turbo Integrator and select the Data Source tab. On here select IBM Cognos Package as the data source. Here is where it was really frustrating. Unless you have a Dimensionally Modelled Relational dataset in your Framework Manager package, then you can only work with “Custom Query”. This will then only address Cognos BI reports that you have created.

So go to BI and create simple list reports for all the dimensions and facts that you have prepared in FM. Then go back to TI and viola, they appear as Custom Queries.

Now just choose the columns you want, preview the data and you can proceed as normal with your TI.

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