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Using Technotes to Help Manage TM1

Technotes are a great way of recording the “way we manage TM1”. If you have any of the following, you should be using Tech Notes to help you repeat what you do every time you do it:

  • If you have multiple moving parts in TM1.
  • That TM1 needs security managed a certain way.
  • You do manual backups.
  • There’s a certain method for deploying from your Non Production server to Production.
  • You perform a rollover each month.
  • How you copy the Forecast version to an archive version.
  • Something that just doesn’t work properly in TM1 that needs some regular TLC.

TM1 Documentation

Documentation for TM1 can be a pain in the bum to write. The environment invariably changes regularly and a 100-page epistle will be probably redundant before it is published. Technotes are a great way of getting around this problem.

Technotes for TM1

Tech notes for TM1
TM1 Technotes

We work with loads of clients. There are different ways of doing things at each client (as much as we’d like it to be
standardised!). To manage this we write and encourage our clients to write, brief Tech Notes about something that needs to be done a certain way.

Just fire up your favourite word processor, then do the following to create a TM1 technote:

  • Add a descriptive title,
  • Enter your name and date for reference purposes,
  • State what the situation is,
  • Describe in the technote how to manage it or resolve the problem,
  • Add some screenshots,
  • Save it to a common folder somewhere on your TM1 server.

A technote should take no longer than 10 minutes to write. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but it needs to exist!

Here is an example of a technote that we wrote for a client where they had some grief with PAX. It’s just a simple word doc. PAX Ribbon and Add-ins

Share the Technotes

Then just save it in a location that everyone who needs to use them can access. Maybe in the documentation folder your dev TM1 server. Also make sure that if you have a help desk, and they do things like installations, that there are technotes for how to do it right in your environment and that the help desk operators have access to the technotes.

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